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The Pentlarge Law Group, LLC is pleased to invite the residents in and around the Wasilla community to take advantage of our expertise. We have seen an incredible array of injury cases during our 75+ combined years of practice and we are prepared with the knowledge to work with your unique case.

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If you have been injured recently, you know how hard it can be to go back and forth with insurance companies or medical providers to work out your medical bills. The personal injury attorneys at Pentlarge Law Group, LLC have the comprehensive knowledge to negotiate with each of these to maximize your compensation and take the hassle out of dealing with them. Let us work with you on your:

Wasilla, AK

Downtown Wasilla, AK Aerial ViewThis comfortable town is located between the scenic Wasilla and Lucile lakes. Historically, a supply hub for many of the mining and agricultural industries, it has transitioned into a convenient residential area for nearby Anchorage.

Even though this small town may be somewhat overshadowed by its populous neighbor, it still has several activities and points of interests for an avid tourist or a family looking to settle down in this beautiful town.

Independence Mine Historical Park

Part of the National Register of Historic Places, this once thriving mine represents a slice of Alaska’s history and part of the economy upon which nearby Wasilla was established. While you are at the park, take a tour of the mining camp and stop by the educational visitor center and historical museum. Since it is a park, you will also find plenty of hiking and skiing areas available to the public.

Iditarod Headquarters

Iditarod Trail Race Wasilla, AKIt would be impossible to mention Wasilla without also referring to the Iditarod Headquarters. Inside this museum, you’ll be greeted with a wealth of history relating to the Iditarod Trail Race and local dog racing in general. You can also spend time enjoying the educational videos, perusing the gift shop, and taking part in the dog sled attractions (often including puppies).

The Local Favorites

If you happen to be visiting in Wasilla, why not stop by one of the high quality eating establishments recommended by its residents? There are several to choose from and plenty of unique types of food to enjoy. Here are just a few of the restaurants that will have you coming back for more:

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