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Pentlarge Law Group, LLC is dedicated to providing legal services and protecting the rights of all injured or otherwise wronged Alaskans living in the Anchorage and surrounding areas. When you or someone close to you has been hurt, you may find yourself seeking answers. This troubling and expensive time may require the help of a dedicated personal injury lawyer. The Anchorage injury attorneys at Pentlarge Law Group, LLC want to talk to you if you or someone close to you has experienced any of the situations below.

Let Us Put Our Lawyers Experience To Work For You

At Pentlarge Law Group, LLC, we take on cases big and small. If you have a case, we will get to the bottom of why the accident or injury happened and what can be done to help you and your loved ones get your lives back.

In 75+ combined years of practice, we have helped thousands of Alaskans obtain fair compensation for the injuries they suffered through and for the wrongs that were committed against them.

Our Anchorage attorneys will dig through the facts, interrogate witnesses, and negotiate with the insurance companies, so that you don't have to. Our goal is to make this process just a little bit easier for you and all other victims. Enduring this type of experience is never easy on anyone, but having someone there to help you navigate the law and answer questions when you need answers is an invaluable service that we are happy to provide.

Call Pentlarge Law Group, LLC today to discuss your case and we can put you in touch with an Anchorage lawyer who cares.

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