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This depends on the facts of your case, the witnesses, and the injuries you sustained. If you would like us to evaluate your case, call us at (907) 276-1919. We are available to discuss your case on the phone and to set up an appointment with a lawyer, if appropriate. If you or a loved one...

Costs are separate from attorneys’ fees. We do not expect clients to advance us money to pay the costs we incur pursuing their cases. When we accept your case, we agree to advance all costs necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion. This includes minor items like copying expenses, medical records, deposition expenses...

We believe in being up front and honest about our attorneys’ fees, so we explain in detail on our website how we are paid. If we accept your case, our law firm works on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay no fees unless we successfully resolve your case by settlement or verdict. Our typical...

When selecting an attorney for a personal injury case, it's always best to choose an attorney who handles only those types of cases. An attorney with a “general practice”, who does a little family law, a little criminal law, a little real estate, and a little personal injury law, cannot possibly master all of these...

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