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We’ve all seen the television commercials or heard the radio ads where an attorney (or an actor playing an attorney) says “we don’t get paid until you get paid”.  What does that mean?  When you hire Pentlarge Law Group to represent you for your personal injury claim, you enter into a written contingency fee agreement...

Everyone enjoys the convenience of keyless ignition systems. More than 50% of new cars sold today have them. Unfortunately, as convenient as they are, they also create new and serious risks, particularly in a northern climate like Anchorage where we are more prone to leaving our vehicle running to warm it up or keep it...

We recently remodeled our website in order to provide Alaskans throughout our state with a user friendly way to get help for themselves or loved ones. Our goal is to make useful information readily available to you and to enable you to more easily contact us to set up an initial consultation for your personal...

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