Fast Food Blues: Three of the Craziest Personal Injury Claims Ever Filed Against Fast Food Restaurants

personal injury claimThe world is a scary and dangerous place. Just look at Australia, which is full of terrifying apex predators. Or, better yet, take a look at the fast food industry. Here are a few of the wildest personal injury claims ever filed against our favorite eateries.

Warning: Hot Coffee Is Hot.
One of the most well publicized personal injury claims was Stella Lieback's. Back in 1994, a hot coffee she'd bought from McDonald's burned her. She and her personal injury attorneys sued the monolithic fast food company for $20,000 in damages. Amazingly, her personal injury lawyers won her a $200,000 settlement, which was reduced to $160,000 because she was found to be 20% responsible for the incident. Most incredible, though, is the fact that her personal injury claim went on to eventually earn her $2.7 million in punitive damages. While this claim might seem incredible, it's worth noting that the burns she received were severe -- the coffee was much hotter than it reasonably needed to be -- and Stella never fully recovered from them before she died.

Don't Drink (Milkshakes) and Drive.
Most motorists know they're not supposed to eat and drive at the same time, but some would argue that that is exactly what drive-throughs are for. One such man once went to grab some fries, but did it a bit too quickly, and caused the milkshake he was holding with his knees to explode. Distracted by the sudden mess, he wound up hitting another car. The victim then lodged a personal injury claim against McDonald's for his injuries on the grounds that their milkshakes should warn people not to eat and drive. Though the personal injury claim did make it all the way up to New Jersey's Supreme Court, it eventually got thrown out.

Police Do Not Have It Their Way.
McDonald's isn't the only fast food chain to get in trouble. Two New Mexico police officers once tried to file a personal injury claim against Burger King in 2006. They also sued for negligence, battery and violation of fair practices, and sought unspecified damages along with legal costs. The cause for such drama? Halfway through their burgers they noticed something suspicious. After a quick field test, they arrested three Burger King employees for having put marijuana in their sandwiches.

Have you ever heard of a crazy accident at a fast food restaurant? Share your story in the comments!

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