Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Unintentional injury is the third leading cause of death in the state of Alaska, and often those who are involved in a drunk driving accident do not intentionally mean to harm or injure the victims involved, which is why a DUI defense attorney is needed.

In 2007, there were approximately 25 fatal accidents in Alaska in which at least one driver involved in the crash had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or above, while back in 2002 nearly 8.3 out of 1,000 Alaskans were arrested for DUI.

If you find yourself in a DUI/DWI situation, it would be beneficial to contact a DUI defense attorney. Here are the top five reasons hiring an attorney can be helpful.

    1. Preventing jail time: The best DUI attorney will try their absolute hardest to keep you from serving jail time. Your attorney will need to be competent in negotiation processes, planning your case properly, and representing you both at motion hearings and during the trial.


    1. Lowering fees: This doesn't necessarily mean you will save in DUI attorney fees, which will average around $5,000, but instead your attorney will be able to save you money in restitution. Saving upwards of $10,000 could also help you pay for an auto accident attorney, if you needed to call one regarding the same DUI case.


    1. Off the record: Agencies that handle criminal histories have an abundance of rules and regulations you will need to be aware of, but a DUI defense attorney will know all of these rules and be able to negotiate a deal that may include expunging your case.


    1. Keep calm: Being charged for a DUI is scary, and emotionally and financially stressful, especially when victims involve a personal injury lawyer and file a personal injury claim against you. Your attorney should be able to calmly and rationally talk you through every step of the process and should always be keeping you positive.


  1. Post-trial assistance: Your attorney will help make transportation arrangements for you if you need a vehicle to either get to school or work. They will request a temporary driving permit. They will also be able to secure the right alcohol rehabilitation program or community service program for you.

Whether you are a first-time offender or a repeat offender, you should always consider hiring an attorney to defend your case; you never know, you may end up with a less harsh sentence than originally planned for. Your life will also be back on track much quicker and smoother than if you were to represent yourself alone. Consult a DUI defense attorney firm in Alaska and compare rates and fees.

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