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Alaska is a mandatory Automobile Liability Insurance state.  This means that the owner or operator of every car must have a motor vehicle liability policy that complies with Alaska law.  (The Alaska Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.)  The minimum liability insurance required under Alaska law is $50,000.00 per person/$100,000.00 per accident for bodily injury and...

Accidental slips, trips, and falls are a big problem in Alaska. In fact, 8,991 Alaskans went to the hospital in 2012 owing to these injuries. What can state officials and residents do to improve these numbers and keep people safe? Personal injury attorneys share their best tips to prevent serious harm and injuries from falling....

Driving is a dangerous activity regardless of where you are -- but the perils of driving increase exponentially when you're in Alaska. And now that the fall season is in full swing and winter is creeping ever closer, Alaskans are preparing for dark commutes to work on ice-covered roads. Even small news sources are urging...

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