Two Winter Hazards To Watch Out For

personal injury attorneysAccidental slips, trips, and falls are a big problem in Alaska. In fact, 8,991 Alaskans went to the hospital in 2012 owing to these injuries. What can state officials and residents do to improve these numbers and keep people safe? Personal injury attorneys share their best tips to prevent serious harm and injuries from falling.

Aging Americans Are Especially At Risk
Personal injury lawyers reveal that seniors are one of the most likely groups to trip and fall. And it can be a bigger problem than you think. Stumbling and falling does not just result in injury, it can also lead to untimely death. (Accidental injury is the third top cause of death in the state.) Thankfully, there are several steps seniors can take to significantly curtail the likelihood of dangerous falls.

One of the best preventative measures, according to Alaska's wellness advocacy program Go4Life, is regular exercise. The program recommends daily walking, bike riding, and light, strength building exercises, like tennis ball grips and wall push ups, to stay in top form. Exercise increases dexterity and balance, making it significantly less likely for you to topple over. This is true for people of all ages, although it is especially important for seniors to make an effort to stay active, even into old age.

Watch Out For Hazardous Winter Weather Conditions
Many Americans believe that personal injury law firms contend with road accidents only in the winter. While there are certainly more car accidents in winter (killing 64 people in Alaska in 2009), weather-related trips are also a big problem. Alaskans are much more likely to fall on ice and snow. Wear boots and footwear with proper traction, travel on provided walkways only, and keep your hands free -- just in case you should have to steady yourself.

Don't have an unnecessary run-in with personal injury attorneys. Exercise regularly for the best possible balance, and be especially careful when walking in icy or snowy winter weather.

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